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Senior Citizen, Do You Have a Purpose in Life?

Hi Folks,

I sincerely believe that everyone was made for a purpose and to have a purpose!

Want proof? Look around you. Talk to lots of people. Listen to people when they tell you about themselves. It won’t take long for you to see that the happiest, most fulfilled people are the ones who have a purpose in life  - and the unhappiest people you will meet are the ones who have no purpose.

Having a purpose add meaning to life.

I am saddened when I see retirees that are obviously bored and unhappy. How many retirees have told you that they are sorry they are retired because they don’t have anything to do?

Today’s author has the answer for those who have purposeless lives. . . Find a need and fill it. Those folks will rarely have another boring day in your life.


What Can Senior Citizens Do to Have a Purpose? Volunteer!

By Robert B. Francis

When people reach retirement age what is there to do? Bridge? Golf? Canasta? Many studies show that many seniors die within 10 years after they retire. Will you be one of them? Retirement is suppose to be our “golden” years. Without a purpose though you just might be “bored” to death!Retirement can give seniors a lot of extra time like from AM to PM. On the one hand we could use the extra time to exercise or cook better meals. The sad reality is that a lot of people become even more complacent. This lethargy can quickly lead to bad health. Don’t become a victim of a purposeless life after retirement.

 There are lots of opportunities to stay involved and active and most of them are free! Staying active can keep you young and vibrant long after your retirement. Not only that but you can give back to society in many ways and even make a difference in many peoples lives. On main word comes to mind and that it “volunteer”!

 The following is a list of ideas of where you could put some of that time you have lying around to good use:

 Do you like the Theater? Many of your local community theaters use volunteers for everything from taking tickets at the door to running the refreshment stand. The prize for you is that you get to see some great shows!

  • Meals on Wheels is another great way to talk with and meet those that can’t get out of the house. My father volunteered for almost 10 years and he loved being able to be a big help in peoples lives.
  • Hospitals always are in need of volunteers. Everything from helping to direct traffic at the information station to rocking babies to sleep!
  • Ask how you can be more involved in your church!
  • I bet there is a Senior Center somewhere close to where you live. There are a ton of activities that they would love to have you volunteer for.
  • Were you a business owner or CEO etc? SCORE is a great way to help shape the future entrepreneurs of America. You can meet with people wanting to start a business. Match your expertise with their needs.
  • Not sure of what to do? look up Volunteers of America on the internet. I am sure there is one in your area. You might be amazed at the opportunities to help others.  

Please get involved even if it just a couple of hours a week. It will keep your mind sharp and will give you a purpose! You might be amazed at how you might feel! 

Robert B. Francis is the founder of Senior Care Concierge which was started after his trials and battles of having to help his father after some surgeries. Senior Care Concierge is dedicated to empowering seniors and their families through information and education. Additional information can be gathered on their blog The information covers a wide range of topics and we encourage you to visit! 

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3 comments on “Senior Citizen, Do You Have a Purpose in Life?

  • For many retirees, it’s important to design a meaningful, adventurous life after retirement. When my wife and I retired, we sold our home, put everything we owned in storage and moved to Peru where we sought and found volunteer opportunities. Bill

  • I have tried volunteering with little success. I cannot afford gas to drive far and there seem to be no opportunities near my home.
    Woody may not be aware that all retirees are not the same other than they no longer work. Some of us have to manage on a tight budget for various reasons and do not live in nice gated communities with club house and pool etc. some of have to live in not so good areas as we cannot afford to move!

  • Hello Mary,

    Thank you for your comment. Unfortunately the vast majority of retirees are like yourself and do not have the luxury of living in nice, gated communities with all the amenities that go with it. I do not think I would want to live that lifestyle even if I could afford it :-) . Most of my friends, acquaintances and readers also fall into this “tight budget” category. So you are in good company.

    Mary, I know of many retirees that volunteer with Meals on Wheels. Not as drivers but as co-pilots helping carry the meals to the homes. Lots of people would like to deliver Meals on Wheels but do not want to “work” a route alone and would be more than glad to drive by to pick up an assistant at their home.

    Also I know of several retirees who’s outreach is encouragement through letter/card writing. And many churches are seeking folks to work in various ministries.

    NOTE TO READERS OF THIS COMMENT: Let us have your input about this important aspect of retirement.

    All my best to you Mary,

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