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Extra Income for Retirees – Idea #1

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In my last post, Retirees Living on Social Security, I said “If you are retired and having difficulty making your money stretch to the end of the month we will explore ways of making it go farther and ways of adding to it in future posts.”

So with today’s post, Extra Income for Retirees – Idea #1, I am beginning to make good on my promise. And I will continue posting ideas on earning extra income and I will continue to bring you suggestions on stretching the money that you have.

May I suggest that you subscribe to this blog so that you will know when I make other posts. AND please share with all of the other readers of this blog how you are earning extra income, what you have tried that didn’t work, and give us your advice from your own experiences. Just scroll down to the bottom of the post, click on the blue comments box and use the form provided.

I will publish all other stuff for retirees on my other blog .   

Many thanks to C.D. Watson for today’s article.


Paid Surveys and Seniors – Surprising Ways You Can Earn

By C. D. Watson

Seniors all around the world are living on fixed incomes and searching for odd jobs to earn a little extra cash.  One of most flexible ways for seniors and retirees to earn extra money is through joining paid survey and research panels.  Here are the Top 3 Ways seniors can benefit from paid surveys:

1.  Flexible Scheduling - you are not committed to any time frame.  You take surveys on your own schedule and reap the rewards.  If you do not feel well, you are not committed to anything.  When you want to share your opinions, the opportunities are there.

2. Earn Cash, Products, and Sweepstakes entries - There are different methods of payment with each company you register for.  Some pay straight cash, others have you earn points redeemable for cash, prizes or gift cards, and still others simply offer sweepstakes entries and free stuff.  Any way you look at it, you get to pick and choose what kind of companies suit your needs best.

3.  Get free stuff - Many of the research panels send products for you to test out and review.  I am not talking about the “free trial” type either, I am talking about actual free stuff…  like toothpaste, lotion, snacks, perfume etc.  This is stuff you may actually use anyway, so not only do you get paid to take the survey, but you get to use, keep and review the product, too.  Get paid through free products and get actual payment!

Survey companies are particularly interested in seniors who are willing to share their opinions.  If you would like to venture into making some extra cash in your free time, make sure you focus on getting a free paid survey company list.  There are plenty of people who will want you to pay for one, but there are great survey lists available for absolutely no cost whatsoever.

If you would like to earn some extra cash, you can get your Free Paid Surveys List and complimentary money-making e-courses, by clicking here.

C.D. Watson is the author of this article and provides information and vision for those beginning their online money-making journey. She has written several hundred articles and earns a living making money online. If you’d like a cost-free start to earning money online, you can start by getting your Free Paid Survey List above, or visit the website:

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