How Long Will You Live?

Hi Folks, The following is an excellent article on a subject few people enjoy thinking about, how long will they live. Yet life expectancy is one of the most important and necessary subjects seniors/retirees should consider when planning their “golden years”.¬† Woody

Why Consistent Activity, Not Strenuous, is Important in Retirement

Hi Folks, I would like to introduce you to Cheryl Swanson, elderly and disabled fitness specialist. When it comes to exercise, Cheryl’s argument is that for seniors consistency is far better than intensity. This makes a lot of sense to me. What do you think? Woody

Tips on How to Plan for Your Retirement

Hi Folks, Meet Rick Pendykoski, a professional in the field of retirement planning. Although this article is a little late for our readers who have already retired it contains a world of good advice for those still in the planning stages. Thanks Rick for this excellent advice. Woody

More Americans choosing generic drugs

(BPT) – Have you ever gone to fill a prescription and the pharmacist asks if you’d like the generic version of the medication, perhaps reminding you that it is at a considerable cost savings over the brand-named drug? Or you’re told that your insurance will only cover the generic equivalent of what your doctor has

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Summer travel tips for seniors

Summer travel tips for seniors

Why you shouldn’t wait to plan your retirement

Hi Folks, Many of the readers of this website are retired so this article is not directed toward them. However many of my readers are seniors that have not retired and other visitors that are just considering  retirement so this article is spot on for them. Thanks for a fine article Louis.

Seniors, Need Extra Income? Start an Online Business.

Hi Fellow Seniors, How is your money holding up? Could you use a little extra for a trip, gifts, new TV? Many retirees could use some extra income to make life a little better but cannot find a decent job or one they are qualified for or that they are physically able to perform. But

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Boredom: The Silent Assassin in Retirement

Hi Fellow Retirees, In all my years of retirement I do not recall one day of being bored! For that I am most grateful, However I understand that many retirees are bored and do not know what to do with themselves. The following article by Stephen Humphreys adds insight and help in making retirement the

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Travelling Holidays For Seniors

Hi Fellow Seniors, Have you been thinking about a vacation? If you are retired or semi-retired, planning a vacation isn’t limited to certain times of the year when children are out of school, or scheduling time off with fellow employees. You can take a vacation or quick get-away almost any time you want. Is that

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Dear Reader, I understand that every three days, more Americans die from sudden cardiac arrest than the number who died in the 9-11 attacks!

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